A Mumbai-based health-tech firm, WONDRx, has tied up with doctors and qualified healthcare service providers across the country to ensure easy accessibility of vaccination facilities through an app. Pankaj Sindhu, Founder & Director of WONDRx, reveals more about how the app is going to bring in a change in the Indian healthcare scenario in times to come

Tell us more about WONDRx and how it works? What type of technologies has been deployed?

WONDRx is a Startup-India, DIPP registered company working in the health-tech domain. We are a category-defining start-up integrating the entire healthcare eco-system onto a single platform and enhancing the healthcare access and convenience while bringing in organised structure in this highly unorganised market.

With WONDRx, every healthcare provider can go digital and start transacting with patients/consumers instantly. Today, a majority of healthcare providers are operating traditionally and the recent COVID lockdowns have created a serious dent on everyone’s work and each one of them needs digital support to continue their respective work seamlessly. We make every healthcare provider go digital with WONDRx.

With WONDRx, every consumer-urban or rural can reap multiple benefits like finding nearby healthcare providers, connecting and transacting with them digitally, e Consulting with doctors, finding vaccination clinics nearby and booking their vaccine appointments, building their medical records digital repository for any time, anywhere access and lot more.

  1. There are three products from WONDRx which help the providers and patients/consumers. 
    1. WONDRx Consumer App for every consumer looking to bring in the convenience in his/her life and stay in control of his/her health.
    2. WONDRx Provider App for every healthcare provider (Pharmacy, Nurse, Hospital, Pathology, Doctor etc) to get digital in their day-to-day work/services.
    3. WONDRx SMART Rx Kit for doctors who would want to digitise their handwritten prescriptions without having to shift to any typing-based solution

How do you think WONDRx will try to bring in a change in vaccination programmes? 

Currently, vaccination infrastructure is broken and WONDRx is determined to fix it. A lot of scale, transparency, control and speed can be achieved by going digital. 

Healthcare needs to reach every village and corner of this country. Digital platforms can augment this objective. Price controls and transparency in the supply chain are major challenges. Digital platforms can solve this. Pharmacovigilance and it’s reporting is another challenge – which digital platforms can solve with ease. But most importantly, awareness is needed and digital platforms can help spread awareness too.

WONDRx will bring in a significant change with its digital endeavours to bring in organised structure in healthcare, given the desired scale and access.

These days everyone is eagerly waiting for COVID vaccine and the vaccine is likely to be launched early next year. How will this app overcome the challenges associated with COVID vaccination?

We will have to see how the vaccination execution pans out and what role various agencies get to play, however, if given a chance WONDRx App can help in multiple ways in the COVID 19 vaccination journey

  1. Demand visibility: Pre-registrations can help in understanding the exact demand geography wise
  2. Access: Every citizen of India can get access to the vaccination
  3. Crowd management: Pre-booking will help in social distancing needs at doctor’s clinic
  4. Infrastructure development: Today vaccine infrastructure is at its initial stages in our country and needs a major scale. WONDRx can create a vaccine infrastructure across the country by collaborating with it’s existing doctors and converting them to a vaccine clinic
  5. Price controls: When demand-supply gaps are there, such conditions can result in black marketing, WONDRx can ensure that Price transparency reaches every citizen and no loopholes are left out
  6. Awareness: Masses need to be made aware of adult vaccination much more than current efforts, WONDRx can augment this piece as well
  7. Analytics: Insights into data analytics can help in better distribution of the infrastructure across the country.

What are your plans for rural India?

WONDRx fits in very well into both urban and rural populations and our App is available for pan India. Any consumer and healthcare provider can download the App and get connected.

With which organisations did you tie up?

We are building the Vaccine infrastructure pan India and are open to discuss with all vaccine players who would want to augment their endeavours by collaborating with WONDRx. Few of the major players, we are already in dialogue with and soon the news will be made public.

How much has been raised and how many patients got benefitted till now?

We have raised $ 1 million in our seed round and with our recent unique features released, by the end of December 2020, we are expecting 50 lakh plus consumers to be transacting their health needs through WONDRx.

Tell us more about your business model and your plans?

We are speeding into organising healthcare by digital means. Despite ePharmacy and chains of pharmacies coming up, this sector is still 93 per cent plus unorganised and so is every other sector. WONDRx is making every effort to make it more organised with its digital platforms.

Today 90 per cent plus OPD prescriptions are handwritten by doctors as they do not want to shift from writing to typing – WONDRx SMART Rx paper is catering to this piece wherein any details written on SMART Rx Paper will get instantly digitised thereby creating a digital prescription for both patients and doctors.

We intend to make our products available at most reasonable prices to all healthcare providers and consumers PAN India

In future, we intend to reach out to Asia Pacific countries which are having similar health economies like India.


Technology photo created by creativeart – www.freepik.com

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